What We Do.

We are currently dedicated to the development of web pages, graphic design, marketing, writing and audiovisual communication.


At Muan we help bring brands to life through creative solutions that are both effective and innovative, setting visual, verbal and experiential standards that drive complete experiences in all directions. We develop for each organization a different and memorable corporate visual identity creating a unique brand experience.

Brand Strategy

We help brands develop their full potential. We accompany our clients throughout the process of building their brands. We consider the brand strategy as one of the most important tools in the business plans to be followed by companies. It offers numerous possibilities for development, and has an undeniable power of conviction.

Corporate identity

The design of the Corporate Identity is a fundamental part within the world of branding and therefore, when it comes to approaching a visual identity, there are many variables to take into account. Corporate identity is the cornerstone of a company, but it goes beyond the logo, claim or illustration. It must create culture. When you have a good, consolidated and representative brand, the rest flow very easily towards success.

Corporate Material

For a correct implementation of a brand strategy, it is necessary to develop what we call corporate material. This term refers to all that material that promotes the image of the company, using its identifying factors.


Whether they are business cards, such as the realization of merchandising products with the company logo, as well as all the corporate stationery in full. There is a wide range of products that make up the corporate image of the company.

Web & Apps Development

Today and due to the current situation of the planet, the times that would inevitably come accelerated. That is why currently having a website is synonymous with entering the market and being a competitive part of it.

We know very well that the correct web solutions generate very positive results for your business. We can help you with a wide range of web design and development services for companies (SMEs) and Startups. Whether you’re just planning your first product or it’s already up and running and want to improve it, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

Web and Performance Consulting

Web Performance Optimization (WPO) or web performance optimization is, as its name suggests, the discipline of marketing that is responsible for analyzing a website to recommend changes that help optimize its loading speed.


The term WPO was released massively as a result of a Google ad, in which it was stated that the loading speed of a website was one of the factors that the search engine took into account when positioning the pages. Web in its «Serps», apart from other factors such as; the structure of a page, from its positioning to its design or its audience.

Website Design

Web page design is the best way to achieve a unique and exclusive online presence for our brand. We design tailored and creatively from responsive web pages that adapt to any device to promotional landing sites, microsites and online stores to help you communicate in a unique way what you want to tell the world, contributing to online brand building and of course helping you sell more.


The e-commerce online store design must be efficient and easy to use, oriented to the needs of the users and the achievement of objectives. At Muan we give a key importance to the web design of an online e-commerce store creating dynamic, attractive, useful and efficient ways to navigate and interact, according to the demands of UX and UI.


Do you have an idea? We make it happen. Whether it is a face-to-face page or a complete business, we will deliver a custom web design meeting the requirements, systems or integrations you need.


We are specialists in accepting the challenges that are proposed to us, developing customized web pages of advanced development and programming to give an efficient service to

our clients and contribute to the growth of your business.


A website as well as a real estate, car or any tangible good for everyday use needs to be taken care of. Perhaps you have renewed your current web presence, or developed and designed a new web page. But is that all? NO.


 The work has just begun. A website is not a goal but a medium, an additional channel in a business strategy. It is not a goal but a path. A website is alive, and after its birth we must accompany it in its growth and development. We have to carry out reviews and maintenance tasks, and only then will you offer a better service to us and our customers.

Performance and Safety

We protect your website or online e-commerce store. Having a company that manages the web security of your site is essential for the full performance of the platform and for the client’s peace of mind that nothing is going to happen to them.


That is why we offer our customers the highest standards of performance and safety through our systems.


By opting for our hosting service we guarantee an UpTime of 99% and we protect your site from malicious attacks by applying different security methods.

Development Apps and Web-Apps

The best competitive advantage for your business is connecting with your target audience. Apps or web-apps help you improve the experience of your customers. Applications have become the most used tools, revolutionizing the world of technology with their extensive and diverse functions. People see the essential apps for almost every everyday action. It is also a great step for the progress of the company and its image in the face of modernization.

Communication and marketing

Today almost any service or product is searched for, examined and bought on the Internet. In this way, our web positioning services on Google and our advertising on social networks become the two fundamental pillars of our marketing strategy and digital brand communication.

SEO and SEM positioning

Whether you have a local business, an SME, a large company or an e-commerce, our goal is to increase your visibility in the main search engines.


To do this, we develop a fairly successful strategy for our clients, working organically in principle and then once the correct structure is formed, we can apply the SEM and maximize the investment.


This translates into the medium and long term, mainly achieving loyalty users and a conversion rate that goes from being just numbers to achieving the objective.

Social Media Marketing

Today almost any product or service is searched for, examined and bought on the Internet. Advertising campaigns on social networks and our online communication become two fundamental pillars of our global brand communication strategy.


We analyze, design and implement your online strategy and your social media management generating powerful proposals full of value and creativity.

Marketing advice

In an environment so saturated with communication, we develop creative strategic recommendations, through an analysis of the brand and its products or services, which allow us to define the DNA of the brand.


We define the values ​​and the storytelling of the same that will become the cornerstone of the brand and will connect with users, in addition to innovating when transmitting your brand messages, this technique obtains very good results in terms of engagement.

Copywriter SEO and Networks

Copywriting is the set of techniques and practices used to produce written texts that stimulate a purchase movement in readers.

This type of communication is used by many companies to generate business opportunities. It is a fundamental part of communication.

And it is, even, the quintessential way to transmit information today. This must be in any communication proposal.

Banners Design

Looking for banner designers? We design the best online advertising. Multiply your digital impact with a banner that no one can stop clicking. Send us your design preferences in the brief and our team of designers will create the final banner for you. We guarantee it.

Writing Articles

Getting to appear in prestigious newspapers and blogs is a great challenge for companies. Improving your website’s SEO and online visibility with links within articles in blogs and online newspapers is the goal. 


Buying articles in newspapers and blogs is one of the most effective link building strategies to achieve visits from Google and increase brand prestige. We manage for you from the analysis and prospecting to the final publication of the article in newspapers and blogs.

Audiovisual Communication

The art of exciting, seducing and capturing the consumer. We understand that it is essential to have audiovisual resources for your brand to communicate successfully, facilitating understanding and more easily capturing the right target.

Our job is to find the solution that best suits the visual communication needs of the project. We take care of the details and generate creative proposals until we find the solution.


We carry out photography of products, stock, events, books and more. Whether you are a large brand, an SME, a business, or a freelancer, we help you achieve your goal. We carry out small and large projects.

Recording Videos

Our video services are designed for all types of companies, businesses and personal brands. Make your mark on your audience with corporate video. A video is the most dynamic and visually attractive element to increase your sales. We are going to make the best video for you at the best price so that your company does not lack the promotion it needs.

Audiovisual Postproduction

We are a Communication Agency that develops projects and image content oriented to video marketing for companies and entities. We create your audiovisual project from the beginning of the idea, we make a script (storyboard) and we propose the graphics. 


Then we edit it and do the post-production and editing. One of the most prominent processes in the realization of an audiovisual project is the one that refers to montage in post-production, since this phase will give the project its own and differentiating character through the coupling of images, sound or special effects and computer scientists that are incorporated.

Spots and Advertisements

Your promotional videos will thrill and everyone will want to share them. Advertising videos or promotional spots currently offer you the possibility of creating videos with great brand impact that will also differentiate you from your competition within your business sector. Our lifestyle style is designed to create advertising videos that make a difference.

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